“Grocery Store” Makeup

My mom used to always put on mascara before leaving the house. 

 “You never know who you’ll run into!” She would say, throwing a lipstick in the cupholder of her car.

Should we feel confident in our bare skin?  Of course.  If you feel your best in moisturizer and chapstick, you do you. For me, I’ll take a bit of enhancement. Self-care looks different for everyone.

On days when I’m going to be doing chores, I generally like to keep it light.  No foundation.  No “transition color”. 

I smooth on primer and apply concealer under the eyes/nose/any blemish/lightly on the lid. Then I’ll dust some bronzer under my cheekbones and in my eyes’ creases for added definition.  Cream blush acts as both highlighter and cheek color.  I brush on mascara and brow gel to finish the eyes. 

NYC’s “Brooklyn Brownstone” is perfect for these days.  It evens my lip color and feels just like a balm. 

The final look is not Instagram perfection.  Instead, it’s a subtle enhancement of what was already there, a gentle boost of confidence.  


  • Dermalogica primer
  • Maybelline FitMe! Concealer in 20 “Sand”
  • Makeup Revolution Bronzer in “Ready to Go”
  • NYX Cream Blush in “Boho Chic”
  • NYX Finishing Powder
  • Essence Make Me Brow in “Browny Brows”
  • Essence Princess Lash Mascara + curler
  • NYC Lip Crayon in “Brooklyn Brownstone”

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