This Home’s a Wreck, but I’m Not

Today, I write to you from the kitchen table.

Surrounding me, in no particular order:  An empty Amazon box, two used mason jars, a q-tip (also used – gross, I know), a coffee cup from yesterday, a check I’ve already cashed, a minimum of 5 hair ties, a pile of unfolded towels and sweatshirts, a jacket that is only steps away from the closet it belongs in, scissors, paperwork, and carpet cleaner.

That’s my 4-foot wide kitchen table.  Look, I’m not proud.

Perhaps, you’re thinking, the kitchen is neat.  It’s not.  If you were to traipse into the living room, you would find a dusty coffee table and blankets strewn about.  You would probably trip over a dog dish.

Currently, I cannot actually name one location in my home where things are at peace – from the refrigerator that needs to be stocked to the bed sheets that need to be washed.  Every corner of the house reflects 2017, which has been a blur of real estate, cleaning salons, talking with clients, and generally just trying to get a handle on things.

I am certain that peace will come again.  Strolling into our home, it will breathe a sigh of relief and announce to all four walls, “It’s good to be back.”

However, in the absence of peace, I’ve found motivation instead of typical anxiety.  What a change it is to have dirty dishes as a symptom of success instead of a barrier to it! Consider the difference:

“Oh, no.  Dirty dishes. You can’t even do that right?”
“Whoops!  I got everything done on my list, but I forgot the dishes!  I’ll just add them to tomorrow’s list.”

This is where I am today.  The messy kitchen table, a side effect of business and personal success.  I’m going to be grateful.  I’m going to be kind to myself instead of seeing the mess as personal failure.

But don’t worry – I’m gonna throw away that q-tip!


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