Some Gentle Morning Suggestions

Growing up, mornings were equivalent to chaos.  There was a fight to cover acne with a coat of foundation, wrangle my hair into submission, shove whatever my dad had microwaved/toasted/some combination of the two into my mouth, and jolt out the door.  Steiners were and are not morning people; the minute we started homeschooling, our 6AM wake-up times pushed back to 9.

Each morning, I get up and have my quiet time with my Bible and God.  Yeah, no.  Not that it doesn’t sound peaceful, but I’m afraid God would be quite disappointed by my foul mouth and attitude at 5AM.  We’re much better served in a mid-morning meeting.

All that to say, my background is not in peaceful morning bliss, but in twenty-four years, I’ve found some game changers for me.  I hope they’ll work for you, but if not, I hope this post can at least serve as a reminder to myself on the future days where I forget and let the chaos takeover.

  1. Light a candle or five and open your blinds. We usually wake up around 7AM these days, when the sun is still just thinking about rising.  Instead of flipping on a switch, I suggest lighting a candle in each room you use.  A morning shower by candlelight is just as relaxing and (maybe!) even more inspiring than its evening counterpart, and coffee by a window and a flame feels more luxurious than medicinal.
  2. Invest in something that makes your morning easier.  For me, this hair turban was 100% worth it.  Long, wet hair is that last thing I want to be thinking about while drinking my coffee and planning my day.  For you, this might be a shower cap or a programmable coffee maker.  One thing can make a world of different.
  3. Get “to-do” notebooks or papers.  I like to write the date, my to-dos on the left side, and the major ideas occupying my mind on the right.  Sometimes, I’ll look over my past concerns and thoughts from months ago; it’s incredibly peaceful to get worries onto paper and revisit them later.  So many will fade with time, and you save yourself energy by letting them go.  On the other hand, seeing how frequently you need to do laundry or dishes can be a bit disheartening!
  4. Simplify your breakfast, but don’t pre-make it.  There is value in putting together a meal first thing in the morning, even if it’s just butter on toast.  You made something, and you did something kind for yourself.  With that in mind, you can do anything.
  5. Hold hands with your partner, pet your dog, or water the plant.  Do something for another living thing.  Much like the last one, this sets up your mindset for the day.  It makes you feel good about yourself (and makes someone else feel good too)!  Plants are the perfect addition for someone who can’t have a pet and doesn’t have a partner.  If you’re worried about killing it, succulents are cheap and hardy.

Many good mornings to you all!

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