You Deserve Crispier Roasted Potatoes

I roast veggies a lot.  And by veggies, I mean potatoes.


Like a normal chump, I’ve been cubing up my spuds, tossing them in olive oil/salt/pepper, and roasting until they get brown.  Unfortunately, there’s always one side of the potato that ends up being a bit vanilla instead of toasty.unnamed-16

Simple solution: Change the way you cut.


By slicing your potatoes this way instead of cubing maximizes the surface area of potato:foil, which will increase your crispiness! You can even slice the potatoes thinner for a “chip” experience.

I cook mine for 30-45 minutes at 400 degrees, flipping at the midpoint.  I’ve always been rewarded with the perfect crunchy/soft blend, and the seasonings seem to be more even also.


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