Be Careful of How You Set Things Up

Two years ago, I was showing a friend around our new house.  I use the word showing loosely because there’s not a lot to see when your home is only 1,000 square feet.

As we rounded back to the living room and took a seat, I said, “I don’t really like how we have this room set up.  We just made it the way it was in the old apartment because it was easy.”  I pulled a blanket over me and got cozy.  “We’ll probably change it in a few weeks.”

Any guesses as to what the living room looks like now?

Yeah.  Exactly the same.  I cringed as I typed that.

After about a year and half, we finally fixed up the two bedrooms, which had been haphazardly put together, but our living room remains sad and untouched.  It isn’t horrible, but I don’t love it.  You need to love your home if you are going to be there long term.

So for today, a resolution.  I will find a way to have the living room I can be cozy in AND love.  Update to follow soon!

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